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University California, Riverside

University of Michigan

University of Virginia

Popular Math

I enjoy sharing Math with non-mathematicians. Here are the slides I used in a talk aimed at non-mathematicians describing what Commutative Algebra is. I was also a member of the UVa Math Ambassadors, and I volunteered for Wolverine Pathways.

Among other activities, I co-edited a book that includes 32 short articles written by 33 young mathematicians, each article explaining a different topic in Math to a broader audience, assuming only high-school level math. However, the book is written in portuguese - but if you happen to speak the language, check out the links below! A rough translation of the title would be something like Numbers, surgeries and tie knots. I also wrote one of the articles in the book, explaining some basic algebra (groups, rings, etc) and Galois theory. The title roughly translates to From play-doh to 5th degree equations.

email: eloisa.grifo@ucr.edu